Paicines, California, 2021: Queering domestic spaces. The nature of interiority and the interiority of nature.
I had no kitchen and no sink for a year and a half. There was only a hose in the yard, a picnic table, and a
hundred acres. I had no interior domestic space and my interiority was projected on this landscape. In
particular, I found my gender identity shift as the domestic space shifted so radically and as I also had
greatly reduced contact with society.
Spoon. This part of me is brought out into the yard. It is me touched and held, laid bare, hosed down,
soaped up, rinsed, and set to dry in the sun. Left for the donkeys to nose and prod, the squirrels and birds to investigate for scraps, the insects explore the new landscape.

Skillet. Society cannot project its assumptions on me here. I exist only in view of the sky, the mountains,
the fields, the myriad of fauna, and the river where I pump the water.
Knife. The experience of experience. The purity of the self unmediated by other selves or societies. Living close to reality and exposed to the windswept world. The donkey chews up my good spatula and my wire mesh strainer while they sit out to dry.
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