Studio Assistant
Mia Feuer, Oakland
>Fabrication and finishing of sculptural work for body casting
>Organized supplies and equipment and maintained a clean work space
>Assisted with packing, transportation, installation and removal of two
High School Painting Teacher
Nithyananda Gurukul, Bangalore, India
>Worked with English language learning students in a multi-national
classroom and nurtured their personal creative interests and abilities.
>Presenting South Asian art history with the context of race, gender and
colonization politics.
>Supported students in developing their portfolios.
Sculpture Studio Monitor
California College of the Arts, Oakland
>Cleaning, operating machinery and tools in a wood shop, metal shop,
plaster/mould making studio, wax studio, blacksmithing forge.
>Assisting students with building, making and safe operation of tools and
Community Arts Fellow
Lifelong Medical Supportive Housing, Harrison Hotel, Oakland
>Organizing community art events for formerly and chronically homeless
residents, including acquisition of food donations.
>Working with a diverse community and social workers to address social
needs and support interest in arts.
BFA, Sculpture, California College of the Arts
BA Anthropology and Sociology, Mills College
One semester abroad, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Custom fabrication, couture sewing, linocut and wood block printmaking, casting
and mould making using traditional methods and digital tools, MIG welding for
art, Adobe Creative Cloud, silversmithing and jewelry repair, blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, Twitter and social media skills.
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