In Carl Sagan's book Contact, he tells the story of a group of astronauts that travels to a distant world and meets with extraterrestrial beings in a non-physical way. A space travel device like what is described in the book does not exist, but the method of travel is real. The journey to other worlds is a powerful healing process. We all create so many problems in our mind and imagination. It is only when we clear our minds and hearts that the path to other worlds can open.
This does not happen with any mind-altering, mind-numbing or otherwise hallucinogenic substance. There is no short cut to the worlds beyond our Earth. Only when you are authentically clear and grounded can you make the 39 light year jump to visit our Earth-like neighbors. You do not travel in a straight line or anywhere near the speed of light.
Do not be alarmed by the difference in how things look and feel while traveling in consciousness. Your brain may want to translate the non-physical extrasolar vacation into something like a physical experience, but I promise you will experience more than what your physical body will ever experience on Earth. Photography and video recording will not be possible, but the memory of the experience will return to you in dreams and through creative work.
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