After spending a year and a half alone in the wilderness contemplating life, death and the sublime I have come to some very queer and aniconic conclusions. The sublime was a Vishvarupa, universal form, manifesting in every shooting star, songbird, raccoon, coyote, olive tree, grain of clay, drop of water, old goat bone, parasite, macrocosm, microcosm, ever-widening circle in this round world we inhabit. The wild hundred acres of mountains, rivers, and the wide-open sky was too big and too much to hold in my hands and capture in a canvas. A purely digital expression emerged after much contemplation. Every bit, byte, and electron is a humble attempt to once again touch the simple sublime space. This ephemeral digital sublime is emerging from me a s queer beyond gender, aniconic beyond anything more than the simplest shapes and colors. It is beyond the natural environment that originally inspired the work.
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